Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week TWO - Overpainting a magazine image or photograph

Welcome back to week TWO. How did your week ONE go? Did you try it? Well, whether you did or not, please enjoy this weeks offering of repainting a magazine image. This process will also work over photographs if you first seal them with a spray fixative or other sealer. It's in two parts as it was too long for only one upload.

I only used pastel pencils because my image was so small. Soft pastel sticks will work in the same way.

NOTE: I did reinforce her eyelashes, nostrils and centre line of mouth with pen at the final step but forgot to tell you.


  1. I uploaded my 2nd week challenge to the Flickr Playdates Group.

  2. Lovely work Jeanie and you did TWO! Thanks for sharing! x

  3. Got my image ready and pasted on my journal page, so I'm ready to rock and roll! :)

  4. Thank you, Jan. I'm trying to catch up after 9 days of travel. I just watched all three of these videos. So fun! Thank you for including us in your playtime. ~Nancy

  5. Hey Nancy, thanks for checking in and hope you keep coming back. Smiles Jan