Sunday, August 5, 2012

and the latest news..........

Sorry guys but l have neglected to update you all here. After recovering from flu which actually took about 6 weeks, I BROKE my right wrist!! Yes, I AM right handed..... so once again PlayDATES have to take a back seat. Please hope, pray and keep everything crossed for me that this is the END of my spate of bad luck. Meanwhile please do browse back through the 25 PlayDATES already published here and take the opportunity to catch up on any you might have missed. I do plan on continuing once recovered but it could take a while longer than the year I had planned on......


  1. Hi I am SO glad to hear you are relatively ok !! I have been very concerned about you and knew there had to be something seriously wrong Playdates.I was going to send an email this week to check, SO ,SO, sorry to hear about all the mishaps, trust all will be well soon, you take care, and get well soon.
    regards, Heather Basson, Cape Town S.A.

  2. Hope you recover soon your weekly playdates have been missed.

  3. I'm so sorry for you. I hope you'll recover promptly. I'll pray for you and send you positive vibes. Take good care of you. Get well soon.
    Have a great week

  4. Hi Jan,
    I hope you feel better soon.
    I broke my right wrist falling off a bike, I know the pain you must have(:
    Do take care and know we all send you good wishes.
    P.S. Maybe some of your talented viewers would do a playdate episode for you.

  5. Hi Jan
    I am sorry of your bad luck. Your videos are inspirational, thanks for sharing, now you need to rest up and take care of yourself.
    Big love
    AJ :-)

  6. Oh my I am glad to hear from you but sorry to hear about your wrist! Thank you for the update, Jan. Take your time and recover well.

  7. I wondered where you'd been. Now we know. I feel for you. I've only sprained an ankle, and that was bad enough. To be without my right hand would be devastating, I think. Keep Calm and Mend Fully.... We're not going anywhere.

  8. Missing your PlayDates more than you know. They are wonderful, and you are wonderful for sharing them with all. Can't imagine being without my right hand so you have my total sympathy! Take care of yourself and be patient during recovery. Thinking of you.