Saturday, May 19, 2012

Week TWENTY ONE - Organizing stamps for art journaling and more

TWENTY ONE!!! Oh to be 21 again. Well actually I wouldn't want to be QUITE that young again, but with another birthday in a couple of weeks time, I feel I would like 10 years back at least! Hope you enjoy Week 21 anyways.... Oh and by the way, as I'm away in Bali at the moment (yep I know, it's tough! But I TOLD you, I have a birthday coming up!! LOLS) the PlayDATE video will not be uploaded to Youtube until I get back. It will be hosted on Vimeo until then, so apologies if you have trouble viewing.


  1. Jan, I hope you are having a fabulous trip and a Happy Birthday! I love this CD case idea for storage and can't wait to try it. Great video and a great idea!

  2. great idea, I've been re-organizing my craft room and this will really help to take it to the next level.
    Question though: I find that when I use the clear stamps off the acetate sheets, they don't stick anymore, neither do they stick to my acrylic block. Is there some easy way to keep them sticky??

  3. Hey girls and thanks for the wishes for my holiday which is just LOVELY. Just taking a moment to answer mail before going to the pool! Ruth, you can try washing with warm soapy water, rinsing and drying as this sometimes works. Otherwise the re-positionable glues also work. Just follow instructions on bottle or can