Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week ELEVEN Using that fun foam again - this time as a PRINTING PLATE!


  1. Hi Jan,
    Thanks for this weeks Play date.
    I've often wondered what the Gelli plates are about and now I know all the know hows and the Aussie way of doing it. lol
    Creative hugs,

  2. Thanks Jan for another interesting and enjoyable video and tks for the heads up on the "simple green" cleaner ~ off too get some tomorrow. I wonder would old mouse mats work in the absence of fun foam, anywho off to get some fun foam too.

  3. You were ahead of me then Anna, as I only came across them recently and apparently there is one place we can get them online in Aus. However I don't feel they would do any better job than the foam. And yes Chris, I wondered about the mouse pads too but didn't have any to try. The ones that are really soft and quishy on the back could work well I feel. Let me know if you try!